Angels Are Watching Over You

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Ally, 17 -- New Zealand | Jared Padalecki + Jensen Ackles + Misha Collins = Sexy Motherfuckers | Sam + Dean + Castiel = Best & Sexiest Bromance


dean being really touch-starved the first time he and cas have sex though.

he can’t bring himself to look cas in the eye so he settles for pressing his face into the pillow and bracing himself on his elbows, tilting his hips up as cas preps him so tenderly, that dean is incapable…


Based on this post (x)

[Dean:] Okay.. Cas, Can I say something crazy?

I love crazy!

All my life there’s been demons all up in my face and then suddenly I bump into you

I’m glad to be here for you Dean! Cause’ like I’ve been trying my…